Discover the Art of Painting Florals 🌼

Learn to Find Inspiration, Plan Compositions and Paint Florals with Gouache

Haven't you always wanted to learn to paint florals?

Flowers are stunning. And learning to capture them in your paintings is such a joy.

In this class, Ill take you through everything you need to know, to paint floral compositions :

  • The basics of painting with gouache
  • How to find inspiration
  • How to create original floral compositions
  • Essential Brush Strokes
  • Picking Colours

And then we'll mix colours and create a stunning floral composition together.

P.S : While I teach this class with gouache, the lessons are universal and can be applied to other opaque mediums like acrylic.

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What Students Say...

"This is a perfect class for anyone willing to learn Gouache. Shivani made sure to cover all the basics for beginners right from practicing basic brush strokes, basic curvy strokes, basic flowers and leaves before starting the actual project. The best thing about this class is the way she taught how to compose, sketch and paint a bouquet of flowers. I am so happy that I started my Gouache art journey by completing her class. Thank you Shivani."

- Christina J

"This class is very detailed and gave lots of insightful information about gouache. I liked the way Shivani explained about deriving inspiration, composition and creating the final sketch. This class exceeds my expectations."

- Fathima Ramziya

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