✨ Gouache For Beginners ✨

Everything You Need to Know From Consistency to Colour to Techniques & More

Hello, Gouache Beginner!

Whether you're absolutely new to this medium, or have been painting with it for a while and are still struggling to get used to it, you're in the right place.

Gouache can be tricky as a beginner, especially with :

  • Figuring out the right consistency
  • Understanding the different techniques like layering, dry brushing and blending
  • Learning how to apply those techniques into a painting
  • Understanding how to mix colour
  • Colours drying different from how you expect

I'm here to help you with all of that. At the end of this class, you'll become a confident gouache painter.

Even if you're completely new to painting, you can take up this class.

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What Students Say...

"One of the most amazing gouache classes I've ever watched! Clarity, objective explanations and exercises! Nice examples of “dos and don’ts”. A very complete class! I’m glad I’ve found you, Shivani! Thank you!"

- Lila Vibomi

"I have been looking for both a course on learning water-based paints, and a proper color theory class. Shivani combines the two, although color theory can be applied to any medium you use. Her course was well organized, and very easy to follow. I learned some important details about color mixing, and feel that I am on a good path to continue learning how to create color. Highly recommended."

- Diana Martinez

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