Discover The Secrets of Colour Theory and Mixing 🤯

so you can Paint Any Colour You Want Without Buying A Million Tubes of Paint

Does Colour Mixing Scare You?

And are you ending up with muddy mixes when you want vibrant ones?

This course is for anyone who has always loved the idea of mixing any colour that they want to, but struggled to get it right. Colour is one of the most exciting but also most intimidating parts about creating art. Being intimidated by colour mixing, unsure of how to go about it and with a palette full of colours that you tried mixing but just ended up with a muddy mess, it’s easy to see why many artists just choose to buy pre-mixed colours. 

Through this class I'll make it easy for you to :

  • Understand warm and cool primary colours
  • Mix a whole spectrum of colours with JUST primary colours
  • Mix earth tones and skin tones
  • Mix complex and interesting greys
  • Understand colour schemes and colour palette selection
  • Mix the colours you see around you for your art

and SO MUCH more.

P.S : While I teach this class with gouache, the lessons are universal and can be applied to any paint medium.

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What students say...

"This class was incredible - I learned so much about color mixing, even though it's not the first color theory class I've taken. The section on hues, values, and saturation was especially great. After this class, I really feel better equipped to match my paint mixes to the colors I see out in the world or in my mind's eye."

- Amber Pepe

"This class most definitely exceeded my original expectations. It inspired me to use the colors I already have to create color charts that are uniquely my own. I especially enjoyed the neutral color mixing tutorial as I have never studied color theory and this was something completely new to me. Previously, I have learned watercolor on my own using YouTube videos but this class felt more like a college-level instruction rather than just a “watch and learn” style. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us."

- Kathy Hanke

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