Paint A Loose and Expressive Landscape

Learn to Loosen Up with Your Art, And let go of Perfectionism

Loosening up with art can be hard!

I always knew I wanted to paint more loose and freely, but I struggled to. There was always something holding me back.

In this class, we'll discuss all of that and how to let go of it, so that you can start painting expressively.

Through the process you'll also learn :

  • The basics of painting with gouache
  • Gouache techniques like layering, blending and dry brushing
  • How to use those techniques in a painting
  • Mixing colours with a limited palette
  • How to get familiar with your brush and paint loose strokes

P.S : While I teach this class with gouache, the lessons are universal and can be applied to other opaque mediums like acrylic.

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What students say...

"Very enjoyable class. Shivani's instructions are very good and easy to follow. A better understanding of Gouache and am very excited to make a project. Looking forward to taking another class from Shivani."

- Joan Canning

"One of the most amazing gouache classes I've ever watched! Clarity, objective explanations and exercises! Nice examples of “dos and don’ts”. A very complete class! I’m glad I’ve found you, Shivani! Thank you!"

- Lila Vibomi

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